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Flexible integrated solutions that helped our clients streamline
their processes & boost effectiveness.

SMS Campaign Manager

A tool to create highly personalized messages & reach thousands of customers instantly.

  • Send over 500K personalized SMS in a single campaign
  • Set up as many campaigns as needed
  • Generate informative reports to ensure marketing/sales KPIs are met
  • Easily manage delivery speed of large campaigns
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Sales Automation Platform

A flexible and highly customizable tool for generating, managing, and processing customer sales orders.

  • Save 100+ hours on manual work per month
  • Significantly increase service speed and decrease customer waiting time
  • Ensure mobility, use tablets instead of cash desks in your shops
  • Process over 2K contracts per day from multiple channels (e-shop, telemarketing, brick and mortar shops)
  • Support 40+ integrations and complete a sale in a single window
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Customer Invoicing Platform

Optimized billing process with modern flows, configurable information blocks, and real-time integrations.

  • Send up to 500k invoices in 2 hours
  • Eliminate manual proofing work with auto invoice doc/data validation process
  • Improve end customer experience modern look and feel and personalized banners
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    About Us

    Iterato was founded in 2012 by a group of professionals with a lot of prior experience in the telco industry. This extensive know-how, agile approach, and passion for transparency and flexibility quickly made us a trusted system implementation and integration partner for leading regional companies.

    Iterato’s team of professionals thrives on the challenge of creating solutions that redefine our clients’ businesses. Every project – from design to implementation – is delivered by Iterato’s result-oriented analysts, software developers, and customer support specialists. Our team members are highly qualified and have experience working with high-complexity projects in the telco and finance industries.

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