Digitized service lifecycle: contract signing, update and termination
Connected to core business systems: ERP, CRM, billing, etc.
Integrated with other external systems and government registers
Dashboards & reports to track your sales data

With this product, customers can:

Save 100+ hours on manual work per month

Significantly increase service speed and decrease customer waiting time

Ensure mobility, use tablets instead of cash desks in your shops

Process over 2K contracts per day from multiple channels (e-shop, telemarketing, brick and mortar shops)

Support 40+ integrations and complete a sale in a single window

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Flexible integrated solutions that helped our clients streamline
their processes & boost effectiveness.

SMS Campaign Manager

A tool to create highly personalized messages & reach thousands of customers instantly.

  • Send over 500K personalized SMS in a single campaign
  • Set up as many campaigns as needed
  • Generate informative reports to ensure marketing/sales KPIs are met
  • Easily manage delivery speed of large campaigns
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Customer Invoicing Platform

Optimized billing process with modern flows, configurable information blocks, and real-time integrations.

  • Send up to 500k invoices in 2 hours
  • Eliminate manual proofing work with auto invoice doc/data validation process
  • Improve end customer experience modern look and feel and personalized banner
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