In-depth knowledge and innovative approach


Iterato designs and builds customised applications which can be integrated with new or existing systems and infrastructure. Created by a highly experienced team, our software development solutions help our clients achieve efficiency gains and cost effectiveness. We are flexible, fast and take creative approach at solving complex technological challenges.

Meet the Team

Iterato’s team of professionals is dedicated to creating solutions that redefine our clients’ business. Every project – from design to implementation – is delivered by Iterato’s performance focused analysts, software developers and customer support specialists. Our team members are certified in their fields of specialization and are experienced at working with high complexity projects in telco and finance industries.


Iterato was founded in 2012 by a group of professionals from the telco industry. The team’s prior experience in telecommunications was successfully used to create customized solutions with the biggest value for our customers. This know-how combined with flexible approach and a passion for innovation and creativity made Iterato a trusted partner for system implementation and integration solutions.

Iterato Values


Being professional means being an expert. That is why we constantly invest in developing the knowledge of our team.


Being able to adjust and react quickly to the clients’ needs is the winning quality in the fast changing business environment.


Attention to detail and precision when working on all projects reduce the risk to the minimum and provide measured solutions.


Long term complex projects require trust and commitment from all partners. We build it on stability and compatibility within our team.